Willie Nelson’s son wins hearts with gorgeous rendition of his dad’s classic song Full video is in the comments

“Always on my Thoughts” is credited to Willie Nelson by the majority of people.
But in reality, Johnny Christopher, Mark James, and Wayne Carson wrote it, and Gwen McCrae sang it.

Another performer who made the song popular was Elvis Presley, who made it a crossover smash between country and mainstream.

Many of Willie Nelson’s followers, though, have grown to enjoy his rendition.
Simply said, Nelson has a talent for making each song he sings touch your heart. His voice is incredibly melodious and full of life.

It turns out that Lukas, Willie’s son, also developed a passion for performing. Although he began his career on the road with his famous father, Luke Nelson now leads his own band, Promise of the Real. Although his songs are similar to those of his father, you can tell that he has developed his own style and voice in the music industry.

He still enjoys singing his father’s songs, nevertheless, so

He admires his father and all that he has accomplished in his life.
You would be, after all.

One evening, Lukas decided to bring out the song “Always on my Thoughts” as a stripped-down version at a casual jam session with some other outstanding musicians. He let his voice to soar without any other instruments but a piano and a trumpet.

And it’s really beautiful.

A song’s straightforward arrangement is just so endearing.

The thrill that comes from playing music is immense. That offers such a beautiful release. It’s still a good idea to attempt it occasionally even if you don’t think your voice is very excellent or if you can’t play an instrument. Not all great musicians were renowned for having angelic voices; occasionally, it was more about the lyrics or the sentiment expressed in the music. Simply observe Bob Dylan! Although he’s not well regarded for having a “nice” voice, his songs have such a wide appeal.

But, Lukas has a wonderful voice, exactly like his father.

Listen to Lukas’ performance in the video below!

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