A very tragic event has shocked America, as a well-known actor and his 2 little daughter tragically lost their lives. Read full story in comment,.,/,/
The star of films Speed Racer and The Good German, Christian Oliver, and his two daughters were killed
When Johnny Manuel took to the stage of America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell wasn’t expecting to hear he was a teen R&B sensation. Dropped from his record label at 17 years old and seeking a comeback in his thirties, Johnny’s voice — trained like a pro — stunned both the audience and AGT’s star judges during his spot-on rendition of “I Want Nothing” by Whitney Houston. When Jonny hit the chorus, Simon’s eyes lit up, as if to say – he’s just discovered the next superstar. There’s a reason Johnny’s audition has 24m views on YouTube — his passion is immense, pouring with raw emotive power as he manoeuvres key changes like a soul superstar, and all without a hint of autotune, moving all four judges to a unanimous vote. Watch Jonny’s stunning audition on The Music Man below
Johnny Manuel captivated audiences in 2017 with his powerful rendition of Whitney Houston’s timeless
Prayers for Steve Irwin’s wife. Check the comments
Steve Irwin, also known as “The Crocodile Hunter,” made a lasting impression on the world in 2006 while
It’s been a rough few years for Simon Cowell, but he’s now confirmed what we all suspected about his son. I don’t care what you think about the man himself, but this must have been an extremely hard decision. Check the first comment!
Over the course of two years, Simon Cowell had two distinct bicycle accidents that resulted in various
Sandra Bullock’s Son Is All Grown Up & He Might Look Familiar To You: – Check the comments
Louis Bardo Bullock, Sandra Bullock’s son, was born in 2010, and his arrival completely changed her life.
Sally Field, 76, has refused to apologize for her grey hair and has remained committed to not having plastic surgery. As she fights ageism in Hollywood, this timeless actress has some harsh words for those who say she looks like an old granny – Check The Comments
Sally Field is a well-known actress who has received high appreciation for her excellent television depictions
“Jennifer Love Hewitt Witty Responded to Haters Who Called Her “Unrecognizable” in New Pics. Check the first comment”
After new footage was released, Jennifer Love Hewitt was inundated with comments on her social media
You are not big enough for her!” They all laughed at him for marrying her! Years later, they all wish they hadn’t look what happened in first comments below
We expose ourselves to criticism when we post details of our lives online for everyone to see.
Suri Cruise, The daugther of Kate and Tom Cruise turned 18 and SILENTLY changed her name… And everyone’s saying the same thing! See her new name in the comments
Now that she is eighteen, Suri Cruise has a lot of options, one of which is to discreetly alter her name.
Little Girl’s Heartfelt Prayer Goes Viral, Just look at how this little girl prays …
In a world often filled with noise and distraction, moments of genuine sincerity and heartfelt emotion
This will never happen again, Simon Cowell and the audience are simply amazed by this girl’s song. …
In the realm of talent shows, where the spotlight shines bright and dreams take flight, there are moments
9-year-old girl sang a song from Titanic better than the original!!! The jury refused to believe that the girl was singing. Watch video in comments below
In a quaint town, a young, vibrant 9-year-old girl named Lily, with a heart full of melodies and dreams
This is a rare miracle in history. The little boy sings and plays in such a way that the judges kneel before him.
The scene unfolded on the stage of a popular talent competition, where contestants from all walks of
This is a sensation .. The boy sang such a song that Simon couldn’t speak. He went up to the stage to kiss the boy!
New York named Luke Islam became a household name after delivering a show-stopping performance on «America’s
❤️ Father and daughter blew up the internet: Father-Daughter Duo’s ‘The Voice’ Audition Rewrites Reality TV History!
From the instant Dave stepped onto the stage, it was evident that something extraordinary was about to unfold.
Tragic Harry and Meghan marriage news confirms what we feared Check Comments
The beautiful ceremony of tying the knot between Harry and Meghan took place on on May 19, 2018.
Shocking update about Queen Camilla after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father confirms what we all suspected Check Comments
With Kate Middleton undergoing a “planned” abdominal surgery and King Charles being diagnosed with cancer
OMG …This is a revelation.GENIUS 2-year-old little Dev shocks the entire audience and juries with his speech..
In an extraordinary display of talent and intellect, 2-year-old Dev captivated an audience and panel