Wait Until You See That Granny Flip – Decade’s Best Performances Full video is in the comments

Any show that begins with two of the most amazing artists ever seen, Alex Sierra, and displays pure love shared only by soulmates, has to be inspiring, motivating, and encouraging on multiple levels. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this collection of the ten best auditions and performances from all of your favorite shows over the last decade. That’s correct. It’s the finale of Got Talent, The X Factor, and American Idol.

It all starts with a song — just wait until you see that grandmother dancing. It’s almost unthinkable that Paddy of Paddy and Nico, who is 79 years old, can perform the flips, spins, and spine-bending acrobatics that he does. Fast forward to heartbreaking beauty, all-girl power from the Philippines, and one of the most powerful renditions of Destiny’s Child’s “What’s It Gonna Be” ever seen.

The star power behind this list of the finest 10 artists of the decade is undeniable. Got Talent, X-Factor, and Idol are all wrapped up and ready to be rewatched as the classics they are. There’s truly something for everyone – just look at trainer Alexa Lauenburger’s BGT: The Champions act. In no time, you’ll be a fan of the art, and this is only the beginning.

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