The mother took her daughter to the hairdresser, and the barber told the little girl to take a seat, but as soon as she put the comb in her hair, she saw something that scared her. When she looked closer, she was shocked. What the little girl had in her hair: -> Check the comments

A mother took her eight-year-old daughter to a salon to get a haircut prior to the start of classes.
After they waited their turn, the girl sat down and the hairdresser began to comb her hair. When the hairdresser ran the comb through her hair, she was shocked.

She was surprised to see thousands of tiny insects in the girl’s hair. He examined the girl’s head more closely and found that the parasites were, in fact, lice.


The barber immediately got in touch with the girl’s mother and asked if she was aware of her daughter’s problem. The mother shot back, saying that although she was aware, she didn’t know how to get rid of the lice from the little child’s scalp and didn’t think it was a major matter.

The barber was left speechless after hearing her mother’s explanation, but she felt obliged to tell the public about the occurrence to increase awareness of the risks associated with lice, especially for small children.
Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments available to get rid of these parasites. As soon as you learn that you or anyone in your household has lice, you should use lice removal products or see a doctor. They are easily transmissible from one person to another.

Lice are tiny, wingless parasitic insects that feed on human blood. Intimate physical contact and the sharing of personal belongings are easy ways for lice to spread, especially among schoolchildren.

Symptoms and indicators
Head lice Nits in the head Open the conversation window that pops up.


Common signs and symptoms of lice include:

intense itching throughout the body, including the scalp and vagina.
a tingling feeling induced by hair movement.
lice on your scalp, clothes, body, or other parts of your body. Adult lice can be around the size of a sesame seed or slightly larger than one.
On hair shafts are nits, or lice eggs. It may be difficult to see nits since they are so little. The simplest spots to view are the regions closest to the ears and the nape of the neck. Nits are more challenging to eliminate from hair, despite the fact that they are occasionally mistaken for dandruff.
sores on the scalp, neck, and shoulders. Scratching may cause little red lumps that could occasionally become infected with bacteria.
bite marks, especially in the groin, upper thighs, waist, and pelvic area.

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