So, we can put this egg debate to rest! The eggs on top were boiled with salt in the water, and it was a TOTAL DISASTER to the point where I couldn’t use them for deviled eggs. The bottom eggs, however, were boiled with my secret ingredient. I barely had to crack the shells, and they just slipped right off! I hope this can help someone for Christmas if you are making deviled eggs. I will put the recipe in the first comment.

The well-known French chef Jacques Pépin has shared a brilliant fix for the ubiquitous kitchen problem of peeling hard-boiled eggs. A common problem is that the shells stick to the egg whites so hard that peeling becomes difficult and unpleasant.

Pépin’s clever trick is a minor but useful modification: shortly before boiling, gently pierce a small hole in the egg’s larger end. This minor adjustment ensures that the egg shell may be removed with ease by allowing the air pocket inside the egg to gradually escape during cooking.

All you need for this game-changing approach is a simple pin or thumbtack. Making a hole that is both big enough to let out air and tiny enough to keep the egg’s structure intact is crucial. Once the hole is created, cook the egg according to normal procedure. The liberated air pocket eases the tedious task of peeling cooked shells, hence removing a typical source of aggravation.

Pépin’s approach is unique in that it is easily accessible. It is suited for all skill levels, from seasoned chefs to novices in the kitchen, as it does not require specific equipment or sophisticated culinary expertise. This trick comes in especially useful on hectic mornings when you need to have a quick, high-protein breakfast or snack.

You may easily peel hard-boiled eggs and get precisely formed egg whites by using Pépin’s advice in your routine. Not only does it make peeling easier, but it also adds a level of expert culinary knowledge to your repertoire, improving the quality of your salads, breakfasts, and snacks.

Pépin’s simple yet revolutionary guidance turns a potentially difficult task into a quick and simple one, making it the go-to method for culinary professionals to succeed in the kitchen.

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