Sisters perform “Never Alone” on The Voice and receive one million views in under 25 minutes. Full video is in the comments

‘The Voice Blind Auditions,’ an American reality show, never fails to bring out the best in aspiring vocalists. In this episode, we witness the Cunningham Sisters impress the judges with an incredible rendition of Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin’s ‘Never Alone.’

The sisters from Ohio began by taking turns reading the songs, which confused the judges. Ariana Grande was the first to see it, but Kelly Clarkson was the first to turn her chair around.

When the females started singing in harmony, all of the judges were taken aback, except for John Legend.

Cunningham Sisters

After the sisters finished singing, Legend and Clarkson engaged in a lighthearted back and forth in an attempt to win the girls’ favor. In the end, Clarkson emerged victorious.

Kelly Clarkson is well known as the first winner of the smash reality show American Idol. She utilized this truth to win the girls over.

John Legend is a gospel singer-songwriter and producer best known for his work in the genre. He tried to persuade the girls that he would know how to teach them because they were also gospel singers, but they ultimately chose Clarkson.

The video of their spectacular performance has received over 1 million views on YouTube.

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