Outback Workers Turn Heads Online After People See Message They Left On Cops’ Receipt… Check the 1st comment

Four Louisiana police officers were going about their regular shifts when they decided to get dinner at Outback Steakhouse because they were hungry. They had no idea that the manager and server had noticed their uniforms as soon as they walked in and intended to leave a note for them on their receipt.

Restaurant Employee Purchases Dinner for Police Officer

Law enforcement personnel risk their lives on a daily basis to protect the public. A restaurant employee made the unique decision to express gratitude to their local cops!

A Delicious Thank You

The neighborhood Outback Steakhouse is a popular choice for lunch, dinner, and even late-night meals for the Slidell police officers. When it comes to the officers that come to her restaurant, manager Arline Wood only has positive things to say! They’re the cutest boys, according to server Zoe, and she loves having them in.

The Food for Us

They consistently show professionalism and respect to the employees, and Arline values their ongoing business.Two workers made the decision that evening to provide some of the policemen who had arrived at the end of their shift extra attention.The four officers who were dining that evening had their checks picked up by the Outback duo! With a small message expressing gratitude to the men for their hard work, server Zoe left the receipt, which came to approximately $67.

Outback Gains Notoriety

This thoughtful action touched the police greatly, and they rewarded Zoe with a sizable tip! More encouraging coments were left on the Slidell PD Facebook page after they shared a photo of the receipt there. Slidell Police Department stated,

“Words cannot express the feelings this gives all of us. We appreciate your kindness and showing your appreciation for law enforcement, Miss Alene and Zoe.

Manager Arline expressed her gratitude to the cops for their duty and stated she never anticipated receiving this much media attention.


Continue as before

Arline and Zoe hope that by doing this, they would encourage more people to extend their gratitude to the men in blue. It is more important than ever to let the police know that we value what they do!

A Virtuous Act Acknowledged

These women were able to express their appreciation and respect for the law enforcement officials in their town! Hopefully, more people will pay it forward and take a cue from this book. Such a constructive deed goes a long way toward countering all the negativity in the world.

Please spread the word so that others may be motivated to express their gratitude to those who give their lives in order to keep us safe.

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