Man kept hearing strange noises under driveway, but when he made a hole benath, he found something terrifying… “I want everyone to see what happened” Look what he found inside: check in comments

When Simon Marks, 37, saw his car’s wheels were stuck in a hole, he believed he had drove onto a flowerbed.

“Well, this day couldn’t get any worse,” he thought, glancing at the damage he had done to his automobile.

He was about to examine the damage more closely when he heard a horrible sound that caused his heart to rush. What on earth was that?

Watch the shelter’s tour:

Simon noticed that the driveway’s pavers had cracked when he bent down to have a closer look, and the driveway suddenly started to give way in front of him

A whole new insight was revealed when the pavers continued to crackle unceasingly.

With ease, the earth fell way, revealing a metal fragment beneath.

With his bare hands, he unveiled it and managed to grasp it. Despite his greatest effort, he was unable to draw it free.

He made the decision to explore the area and piece together as much of the mystery surrounding an enigmatic object as he could.

Simon rang out for assistance. When his father arrived, the two of them carted off buckets full of compacted muck.

When they finally noticed an aperture, they descended an ancient, rusted ladder to look into the hole in the ground.

Simon remarked, “My dad saw it and knew right away that it was an air raid shelter.” “After searching on Google, we discovered that there are many in this area.”

Simon discovered, via extensive web research, that the shelter was constructed during World War II! Simon informed the reporters, “The previous owner must have known it was there and when he built the house and put a garden in… he must have filled it in.”

A man by the name of Sir John Anderson was assigned the duty of coming up with a plan to shield its residents from the bombs and onslaught that they knew were imminent during World War II.

His plan was to construct these tunnel fortifications.

A wall has been sealed with bricks. Though we don’t know, I’m ninety percent certain we won’t discover any more chambers. When the home was erected, they might have bricked up a wall to create room for the foundations.

Simon said to journalists. He continued, “If that’s the case, we’ll just have to leave it.” But the discovery didn’t take long to become widely known.

Simon and his father intend to conserve and repair the shelter in the hopes that it may one day be recognized as a significant historical landmark.

They contend that the time shouldn’t be forgotten even though the battle is long gone.

They hope that people will be able to visit this small physical remnant of those trying times and get a brief overview of that period of history.

Please tell your family and friends about this incredible discovery!

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