His soulful voice is moving enough to make you cry, and the judges are taken aback. Full video is in the comments

When Christopher Maloney arrived for his audition for The X Factor UK’s 2012 season, the judges were unsure what to expect from the clearly nervous Liverpool native. And it turns out they were in for a lifetime shock.

Maloney had previously worked as a professional entertainer, but it took him nearly five years to even consider sharing his gift with the rest of the world. And when that fateful day arrived, he was terrified.

Maloney was able to make it onto the iconic stage thanks to the assistance of his 76-year-old “nan.” It was now up to him to win over the judges and the large crowd.

Despite a severe bout of stage anxiety that appeared to paralyze the 34-year-old vocalist, Maloney managed to shout out a pitch-perfect rendition of Bette Midler’s “The Rose.” And with such zeal, he has the entire audience on its feet.

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