Heather Locklear is 62 now and is harder and harder to recognize. Try not to smile when you see her now Photos in the Comments

Heather Locklear, the iconic actress known for her roles in shows like “Dynasty,” “T.J. Hooker,” “Melrose Place,” and “Spin City,” has recently been in the spotlight once again. New paparazzi images of the 62-year-old actress have left fans shocked at her transformed appearance. Her journey through addiction and personal struggles has taken its toll, leaving a visible mark on her face.

Locklear’s life has been a rollercoaster ride of triumphs and hardships.

Her battles with drug and alcohol addiction have not only subjected her to legal troubles but also significantly impacted her physical appearance. Throughout the years, she has sought help through nearly 20 rehab stays, bravely sharing her struggles as she strives to overcome her addictions.

Locklear’s path to finding love has also been tumultuous. After two failed marriages to rockers Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora, she found happiness with Chris Heisser. They got engaged four years ago, rekindling their connection from their high school days at Newbury Park High School.

Locklear’s daughter, Ava, from her marriage with Sambora, recently got engaged to her partner Tyler Farrar after four years of dating. The love and support from her fiancé and daughter have undoubtedly been a source of strength for Locklear in her journey towards healing and redemption.

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