For Years, Dad had not heard his estranged son sing. But what happens when he finally does?I Broke Down! Full video is in the comments

My favorite shows have always been Got Talent and The X Factor. They serve as a gathering place for people from all over the world.

Many participants are recognized for their talents as a result of the stage. These talent shows have led to the discovery of several artists. A touching performance from an episode of America’s Got Talent is featured in the video below.

Justin Rhodes, 23, has always wanted to be a performer. His parents were proud of him, but they did not want him to pursue his talents professionally. So Justin left to pursue his dreams on his own. However, this is when he began to develop a bad habit of using drugs and alcohol.

He claims he was aware that his father was disappointed in him and that he felt worthless. They had been separated for many years when Justin auditioned for America’s Got Talent. And his father was there to witness him perform for the first time onstage. Just wait until you see this.

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