At just 16 years old, and sporting a simple white shirt and jeans, the Scottish youngster Nicholas McDonald likely had no idea he was about to become a sensation. He performed an impressive cover of Christina Perry’s “A Thousand Years” with such effortless and smooth vocals – he had the entire room watching in awe. His performance was so impressive that the whole crowd, judges included, took a standing ovation to celebrate this young man’s talent. The video of his audition has racked up a whopping 21 million views on YouTube as this unassuming young singer gets the break he deserves. Watch video below in Liηk ιn сσmmeηt

At just 16 years old, Nicholas McDonald from Bellshill, Scotland, was on the brink of launching a successful career as an independent musician, though he didn’t realize it at the time. Stepping onto The X Factor stage in 2013, his nerves were evident, yet he poured his heart into his performance.

Nicholas wasn’t alone in this journey; his entire family stood by, watching from the sidelines with pride and tears as he sang, making his audition a deeply emotional moment.

This wasn’t Nicholas’ first encounter with the judges. In the same series, he had previously auditioned with Secret Garden’s timeless piece, “You Raise Me Up.” The judges felt he needed more preparation for a competition of The X Factor’s caliber. With extra time to rehearse and a burning desire to impress, Nicholas returned with a rendition of a Christina Perri classic, determined to showcase his undeniable talent.

Watch the video below to see his unforgettable performance.

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