A group of boys wearing high-heeled shoes got on the stage and started dancing. The jury said yes to them Full video is in the comments

There are thousands of shows that reveal the talents of many young people and not only young people. Such shows are very diverse and versatile. Everyone here can try their hand at the opportunity. These projects are very useful for motivating many people.They reveal the hidden qualities of many. Here it is possible to show both vocal, dancing and creative abilities. Such projects scrutinize everything and begin to move step by step from the audition stage to the final stage. As a result of such a tour, the participants present their skills and abilities.
The hearings lasted quite a long time. This electoral round was due to the fact that it started long before the live broadcast. Then the selected participants demonstrated their talents directly in front of the jury members.

They decided on the spot who was a worthy candidate, and who they chose from the list of candidates. Whoever was worthy to continue further participation in the project received praise and great enthusiasm. If they don’t like it, the jury can press the red button at once. Here, as in other draws, the winner is the winner or finalist.
During the audition stages, the names of the next candidates become clear. In the end, only the best one is chosen. It is the jury that has the sacred responsibility, which determines the decision of the worthy winner. Although only one is chosen at the end, all the participants will be known to some extent. Here. one of the participants is the famous Scottish singer Susan Boyle, who today owns a production company. He became a saint because of his participation.

Before coming to that project, her only work was routine household chores. It was in this program that he gained fame and great fame.
In the video, you can watch the boys with choreographic skills who became the winner of this competition. What they showed was a proof of really amazing skills. They managed to surprise not only the audience, but also the jury members with their performance. They performed a number in high heels, which really caught the attention of many people and received a lot of attention.


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