15-Year-Old Begs Mom To Sing On Stage With Him, Then Audience Bawls When They Start Full video is in the comments

Mothers and their children share a bond unlike any other, and unless you’re a mother yourself, you’ll never fully understand the experience of watching your child grow up and to see the person they become. As this mother and son duo takes the stage for the X Factor, there is no dry eye in the room.

Jamie and Mel haven’t been singing together for very long – only a few short weeks – but when they start singing, everyone is instantly mesmerized. Although Jamie had intended to take the stage by himself, as the date approached, he felt as though he couldn’t do so. In order to assist him with the harmonies, he asked his mother, Mel, 44, who is a professional singer, if she would cooperate!

The reason I think this performance is so special is that it shows how strong a bond there is between these two, and the way Mel looks at her young son is so full of love and respect for him as an individual as well as a musician. In spite of the fact that she is there to support him 100%, she does not wish to overshadow him at all. It may seem that as a professional singer, she might overpower him with her voice, but she doesn’t. This mother and son rendition of the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World is already a touching, beautiful and touching song, but it has a whole new dimension of emotion.

A number of viewers have reminisced about touching moments with their mothers or families as a result of this performance. One commenter said that,

“What a strong, beautiful mom… so much LOVE… she is his rock… The music is straight from heaven!”
While another said,
“He was incredibly mature for his age. So much passion… absolutely amazing. And Simon was right – Mom complimented his voice beautifully.”

There is so much truth in both of these comments! I really agree with Jamie when he says that both his mom, and he has beautiful voices. They are not only technically proficient, but the emotions that they pour into the performance are absolutely incredible. There’s no doubt about it… Simon loved it.
Have you ever seen anything quite like this before? It’s such a joy to watch. It really brightens your day!
With every passing week, they’ll get more and more accustomed to singing together, so things can only get better from here on out!

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