10-year-old Alexa wows audition judges in seconds with ‘Girl On Fire’ Full video is in the comments

Alexa, taking on an incredibly tough track for The Voice Kids auditions, but the risk sure pays off. The way she sang chart-topping Alicia Keys ‘Girl On Fire’ made a splash on stage with her dynamic presence and powerful vocals. Mel B was blown away from the start,

Alexa Curtis delivered one of the most animated performances of the season. Little did she know that her performance on The Voice Kids would be a springboard to a life of singing and performing arts. With her flawless progression through each stage of each audition, we should all know that she was destined for greatness from the start.

With all the judges eagerly seeking her support. This was the best choice she could make, beginning a journey that had taken her all the way to the end. A strong favorite from the start, countless fans were delighted that the young superstar was crowned champion with Mariah Carey’s stunning performance of ‘Hero’.

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